We make extensions to your being, like remote eyes and ears (webcams and mobile phones) and expanded memory (the world of details you can search for online). These become the structures by which you connect to the world and other people. These structures in turn can change how you conceive of yourself and the world.

Jaron Lanier ‘You Are Not A Gadget’

Since its beginnings, technology has been developed as a tool to advance human existence. However, as our requirements have become more and more complicated, and as more of our personal information has been mined as data, the space dividing humans from the tools that serve us has shifted. ON/OFF is an evolving program that explores that shifting space.

Current set-list:

Transitions – Anna Thorvaldsdottir

Saint Arc – Daniel Wohl

ON/OFF – Alistair Sung

Industry – Micheal Gordon

In manus tuuas – Caroline Shaw

Wohl: Saint Arc for cello and electronics
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